Whenever people approach us to help in launching their mobile app ideas, we explain the difference between developing a custom mobile application and signing up for our Info Grove mobile application platform. 


What is the difference?


A custom mobile app is an app that was tailored for a specific customer according to its business requirements relating to functionality, performance, technical capabilities, etc. A custom mobile app can be developed using different technology approaches (Native, Cross-platform toolkit, Web-based or Hybrid) and it is up to the mobile development firm to decide in coordination with the customer what technology will work best to meet the requirements. With custom apps, the features and quality limitations go hand in hand with the customer’s available budget, i.e. the more features a customer needs, the more expensive the project becomes. 


Info Grove is our cloud-based mobile application management platform. The main components of the platform are the native mobile applications and the web-accessible content management system (CMS). The mobile apps are developed using native technology and are branded to the customer’s specifications with the content all being pulled from the CMS. After helping launch the apps, our customers have the ability to log in to their portal and modify, add, remove content using any of the available features and modules within the CMS at no additional cost. (Click here for a full list of features and modules description).

info grove mobile apps

Since we offer the option of using Info Grove or developing a custom app, I thought I should point out key elements to help you choose which option is right for your organization.


Info Grove Custom App
Branded app Yes Yes
Offline Capability Yes Possible
Repurposable app Yes No, requires redevelopment
Model Subscription Ownership
Layout Design Pre-existing layouts Customized Design
Segment Focus Cities, Associations, Gallery and Museums, Schools      Any
Hierarchical Apps Available Additional Development
User experience Native Native or other
Integrations Pre-existing and New Possible
Mobile Payment Available Possible
Content Management System      Available Possible
Independently update content     Yes If not hardcoded and using a CMS
Adding new content type Yes, using pre-existing modules Requires additional development
Features Pre-existing and Custom Only limited by budget
Average Timeframe 6 to 8 weeks Over 16 weeks
Project Cost Low to Medium Medium to high


This is not a comprehensive analysis, but more of a guide to point you in the right direction and help you get a high-level view on what option could be best for you. 

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A Comparison: Building a Custom App and Using the Info Grove Platform